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Mark Richt Takes Shot At Michigan Weather In Response To Jim Harbaugh's Camp Invite

Satellite camps, or camps held in a part of the country where the program hosting it is not located, are all the rage in college football. However, there are some coaches who feel said camps give schools an unfair competitive advantage.

Michigan is holding several satellite camps this summer, and head coach Jim Harbaugh decided over the weekend to troll any coaches who are against the concept by inviting them to attend the program's "Exposure U" camp in Ann Arbor. The SEC countered by saying none of its coaches would be allowed to speak at the "Exposure U" event. 

This evening, while speaking with reporters at a UGA Day event in Albany, Ga., Georgia head coach Mark Richt fired back at Harbaugh with a dig at Michigan's climate that doubled as a not-so-subtle message to recruits considering playing in Ann Arbor. 

Well-played, Mark Richt, well-played.