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Michigan AD Tells Upset Wolverines' Fan 'I Suggest You Find A New Team...We'll Be Fine Without You'

The past couple of weeks have not been kind to Dave Brandon and the Michigan athletic director appears to be getting frustrated. 

Brandon, who's had to deal with the Shane Morris controversy, the Wolverines losing three games before the end of September, and Brady Hoke seemingly combusting any time he speaks to the media, is likely getting bombarded with emails from upset fans. He chose to respond to one of these fans in a snarky tone. 

According to the popular Michigan fan blog,, Brandon to responded to an email from a Michigan alumnae who said they were no longer season ticket holders because of what's been going on. This was his response: 

">October 3, 2014

"We will be fine without you" and "have a happy life" is probably not the response this Michigan fan was looking for. 

Michigan faces Rutgers in New Jersey Saturday.