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Video: Should Michigan's Devin Bush Have Been Called For Targeting?

Michigan's Devin Bush preparing to lay a hit on a Michigan State player

Michigan's Devin Bush may have gotten away with one on Saturday afternoon.

Michigan and Michigan State are trading blows in East Lansing, and at the moment, the Wolverines hold a 24-10 lead. But one particular hit has Spartans fans a bit upset - both with the Wolverines and the referees.

During a punt return by Michigan, Wolverines freshman linebacker Devin Bush absolutely lit up Spartans linebacker Chris Frey. While it was a solid block for Jabril Peppers, it's very debatable as to whether it should have been called targeting. Check it out:

Bush was not penalized and remained in the game. Frey eventually returned to the game as well.

Expect plenty of talk about this play.