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Michigan Fans Are Melting Down In Predictable Fashion On Message Boards

Sad Michigan fans react to a 4th down stop by Army.


We're just moments removed from Michigan's first touchdown of the game against Wisconsin. It was probably the only bright spot the Wolverines have had today.

UM trails Wisconsin 35-8 after the score. It is amazingly the first score of any kind that Wisconsin has surrendered this season. The Badgers led 28-0 at halftime.

The Badgers may be really good this fall, but Michigan should not be getting blown out by this margin, by any team. Jim Harbaugh has brought plenty of talent into the program, and this year's team entered the fall as the favorite to win the Big Ten, with questions at places like Ohio State and Penn State.

Instead, this season looks like it's going to fall pretty far short of expectations, at least based on how today's game in Madison, plus two less-than-stellar early season wins have looked.

Obviously, Ohio State fans delight in all of this. The site Eleven Warriors checked out how one of the biggest Michigan message boards, mgoblog, looks.

It isn't great, folks.

Early in the fourth quarter, Wisconsin has outgained Michigan 431 yards to 171. On the ground, things are even more stark: 304 to 38. The Wolverines are losing the turnover battle two to zero. Wisconsin has absolutely dominated time of possession with its rushing attack, 35:19 to 11:47.

Hopefully our Michigan readers have something nice lined up for this evening, because they're going to want to take their minds off of this one.