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Michigan FB Khalid Hill Is Not Happy About Jim Delany's $20 Million Bonus

Michigan fullback Khalid Hill is not a fan of Jim Delany's recent bonus.

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is set to make $20 million in bonus money, according to USA Today. Delany, who made over $2 million as a base salary in the 2015 calendar year, has been a part of some major TV deals and conference expansion in recent years.

While Delany certainly has earned his fair share of compensation, Michigan fullback Khalid Hill is at least one athlete who isn't happy.

After news of Delany's bonus came out, Hill tweeted that he's "broke" and the Big Ten commissioner is "making money off who."

Hill was responding to a tweet by ESPN's Jay Bilas, a major critic of keeping student-athletes unpaid. You can see Bilas' tweet below and read his timeline today for more criticism of the current NCAA system.

The debate over paying players is way too long and important to address here, but it seems like something more could and must be done. Let guys (and women) benefit from their likenesses at the very least.