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WATCH: Michigan Football Pulls Off Incredible 'Mannequin Challenge'

The 'mannequin challenge' has made its way to the Michigan football team.

The 'mannequin challenge,' it's pretty self explanatory. A camera goes around the area and your job is to stand as still as possible. It sounds silly, but watch Michigan's football team take part and tell me you're not entertained.

Here is the video posted by Wolverines' running back Chris Evans:

We see players making fun of other player's shoes, another player acting as if he's taking part in a blocking drill, another completely passed out on the ground and much more as we get a crazy vantage point of the Michigan indoor facilities at the same time.

The video is extremely well done. If you can get that amount of people all on the same page acting like statues and not cracking character for one second, it's pretty impressive.

Don't be shocked when other teams around the country take part in the challenge, but for the moment, Michigan is the team to beat.