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Ann Arbor Ruth's Chris Completely Booked Up After 78-0 Michigan Football Win

Michigan football put Rutgers in a coffin and now the Ruth's Chris in Ann Arbor has to take 50 percent off of each patron's bill.

As far as I'm concerned, the entire Michigan football program should be in jail for what it did to Rutgers on Saturday. Let's recall some stats from the 78-0 massacre:

  • Rutgers had 39 yards of total offense, Michigan had 600.
  • Rutgers did not get a first down until there were nine minutes left in the game. (Score: 71-0)
  • Rutgers completed two passes the entire game.

Rutgers is bad.

But Rutgers' misfortune is any hungry person's good luck, because now the Ruth's Chris in Ann Arbor has to offer 50 percent discounts to all guests.

The season-long promotion is based on how badly Michigan beats their opponents. If they win by 20, there's a 20 percent discount the following week through Thursday, with a maximum discount of 50 percent.

"We're thrilled," Manager Paul Hannah told, presumably through gritted teeth, "it's going to be a great week and it's exciting to have the restaurant exposed to so many new people."

The restaurant is completely booked up through Thursday.

Michigan's next matchup is against Illinois in two weeks. I'd expect another great discount.