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Michigan Football Re-Enacts "Circle Of Life" From "The Lion King" In Hilarious Video

If you've ever seen Disney's iconic 1994 film "The Lion King" --and if you haven't, get on that immediately--you know the famous scene where Mufasa, the king, lifts up his young son Simba while "The Circle of Life" plays in the background.

Well, the Michigan football team certainly knows that scene. When you're in the middle of summer workouts, sometimes you need to have some fun to loosen things up. Sometimes that fun is re-enacting the "Circle of Life" with an All-Big Ten offensive lineman as the king. 

Michigan quarterback John O'Korn posted the hilarious footage this morning. It's not clear who is playing Simba, but Kalis is obviously a pretty strong dude.

">June 29, 2016

Man, if Jim Harbaugh had somehow been in this video, it might have broken the internet.

Well-done, Wolverines.