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Michigan Fullback's Mom Still Teases Him About Jadeveon Clowney Hit

It's bad enough that the play has probably become the most shown highlight in the history of college football. But when your own mother teases you about it? That's rock bottom. 

">@clownejd sack... Thanks mom

— Joe Kerridge (@JKerridge36)

Even my mom doubts me about @clownejd sack... Thanks mom

— Joe Kerridge (@JKerridge36) May 9, 2014

">May 9, 2014

The play being discussed is, of course, former South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney's massive hit on Michigan's Vincent Smith during the 2013 Outback Bowl. The player getting poked by his mother is Michigan fullback Joe Kerridge, who slid past Clowney just before the future No. 1 pick slammed into his teammate.

It wasn't Kerridge's fault, though. He had the cornerback on the play, despite the belief of his mother.