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News Broadcast Refers To Jake Butt As "Tight Butt" Instead Of Tight End

Michigan tight end Jake Butt looking off into the distance.


Jake Butt no longer plays tight end, apparently.

Former Michigan tight end Jake Butt has a funny last name, and he'll be the first one to admit it.

And today, the joke was brought to new heights when a Denver news broadcast mistakenly refereed to Jake Butt the tight end as Jake Butt the uhhh...tight butt?

Check it out:

We've all done this kind of thing before (though probably in a less egregious fashion and definitely not on a news broadcast). Sometimes when I'm typing and trying to read something at the same time, my brain types out whatever I'm reading. Normal stuff!

Fortunately for us, we got to see one of those typically benign mistakes play out on live television with a name perfectly suited for the slip-up. Jake butt.