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Michigan LB Jared Wangler Shoots Down Twitter Troll's Obvious Framing Attempt

Jabrill Peppers Autographs a piece of paper.

Jabrill Peppers Autograph

Someone claiming to be a Michigan fan on Twitter attempted to frame Wolverine defensive back Jabrill Peppers and linebacker Jared Wangler this afternoon. The attempt was a poor one.

The Twitter user, @jbiggs24, posted a series of tweets claiming he paid Peppers and Wangler $50 apiece in an elevator for their autographs, which would be an NCAA violation and put the student-athletes' eligibility in question. 

A "photo" of the autographs was even posted. 

">@Jwangles2 hey guys thanks for letting me buy your guys autographs from U!! Go blue!!

— Jason biggs (@jbiggs24) June 16, 2015

This seemed sketchy right away. The account has been active for less than 24 hours. The Twitter user whose questions were being answered belongs to an Ohio State fan - why would a Michigan fan admit to an obvious NCAA violation on Twitter thanks to the prodding of a Buckeye supporter? 

And the autographs, after viewing real photos of Wangler and Peppers' signatures, are clearly forged. 

Wangler shot down the framing attempt on Twitter. 

">June 16, 2015

We (hopefully) probably don't need to tell you this, but don't believe everything you see on Twitter, folks.