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Michigan Legend Charles Woodson Has High Praise For New Wolverine Cornerback Jabrill Peppers

When a high school senior says that he wants to be better than a Heisman winner, it shows confidence. When a high school senior that is heading to Michigan to play cornerback says that he wants to be better than Heisman winner Charles Woodson, the only player to ever win the sport's most coveted award while primarily playing defense, it raises some eyebrows. Paramus Catholic blue chipper Jabrill Peppers said just that, and after meeting the incoming Wolverine, Woodson doesn't seem to mind. In a radio interview, Woodson had a ton of praise for Peppers, according to Mark Snyder of theDetroit Free Press.

“You can see the confidence just spilling out of this guy’s pores,” Woodson said last week on WTKA-AM (1050). “It was exciting for me to share a little bit with him and meet with him. I’m looking for big things out of him. This is a guy that has all the confidence in the world, and we need a guy like that on Michigan’s team. I’m looking for him to come in there, make plays and get it done.”

Woodson even when as far as to compare Peppers to himself, at least in terms of how confident each player was in his ability heading to Michigan.

“The expectations that people have for you, you already feel like you’re going to do those things, so the expectations and the pressure doesn’t mean anything. That’s what I would see Jabrill coming in that mold, a guy who already sees himself as going to be great.”

Peppers will likely play right away at Michigan. Wolverine fans shouldn't expect him to be Woodson, especially not as a freshman, but all indications are that he should be pretty good right away.

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