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Former Michigan C Steve Everitt Says Michigan State Is "Primed For A Beat Down"

Former Michigan center Steve Everitt is looking forward to next week's rivalry game against Michigan State.

Speaking on WTKA in Michigan during yesterday's WhipCancer Radiothon, Everitt basically predicted a Wolverines blowout victory over MSU when he was asked about the Spartans' struggles.

The Detroit Free-Press has the transcript here:

"They're just showing their true colors," Everitt said of their 2-4 record. "It's not hard to figure out. The quarterback is pretty terrible, the defense is lacking. On both sides of the ball it just looks to me like they are primed for a beat down."

Everitt continued, touching on the Spartans' string of seven wins in eight years against the Maize and Blue. It's a streak he doesn't expect to continue.

The last couple years it's been and they've won however many out of however many, it's a lot of stuff going to come bubbling to the top during that game and we're going to thrash them. It's going to be beautiful and a long time coming."

While Everitt didn't guarantee a W, it is clear he thinks the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry could start to tip back in the Wolverines' favor starting this season.

Next week's Michigan-Michigan State game is set for noon at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing.