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Michigan's David Long Wins 200-Yard Footrace In Photo Finish

Michigan Football's David Long sprints in a footrace.


Michigan football's eight fastest players had a 200-yard footrace, and it all came down to a photo finish between David Long and Chris Evans.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh posted a clip on Twitter earlier today of the Wolverines' fastest players taking part in a 200-yard foot race. The players sprinted from one end of the field and back, and the finish was so damn close. Even in slow-motion it's hard to tell who won.

Check it out:

On the left is cornerback David Long and on the right is running back Chris Evans, and it appears that Long got a cleat over the line juuust before Evans did. That being said, both of these guys are awfully fast, and if you ran this race 100 times they'd both probably win 50 times each.

Long—who led from the start—scorched the first 100 yards in roughly 11.9 seconds, and that includes him having to slow down to touch the goal line. That converts to about 17.1 mph, which is pretty impressive considering this was probably at the end of a long workout.