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Photo: Michigan Students Troll Ohio State Fans In Ann Arbor

A Michigan fan holding up a sign that says "Go Blue" during a football game.

PISCATAWAY, NJ - NOVEMBER 10: Michigan fans cheer during the third quarter at Stadium on November 10, 2018 in Piscataway, New Jersey. Michigan won 42-7. (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images)

Rivalry Week doesn't just result in intense games on the football field, it also inspires fans to go the extra mile. However, there are certain occasions where fans cross the line.

When the Michigan Wolverines face the Ohio State Buckeyes, it's fair to say all bets are off.

Michigan fans are wasting little time trolling Ohio State fans this weekend. After all, the result of today's game will dictate which fan base gets the last laugh.

While there are certainly a few chants at Michigan Stadium that will eventually go viral, the most recent dig from Wolverines fans was seen outside of The Big House.

There's a sign that says "Welcome to THE university you didn't get into."

Here's a photo of the sign:

Just to put the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry into perspective, the two fan bases aren't even talking about football here. Both universities are even competitive when it comes to academics.

As for the football game, the Buckeyes and Wolverines have exchanged a pair of touchdowns in the first quarter of action.

Fans can watch the rest of the game on FOX.