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Watch Michigan Surprise Andrew Dakich With A Scholarship

Andrew Dakich gets a scholarship at Michigan.


Michigan surprised senior shooting guard Andrew Dakich with a basketball scholarship in the most terrifying and suspenseful way possible.

Andrew Dakich is a senior shooting guard for Michigan basketball, and today he received some awesome news: He'd be receiving a full basketball scholarship for the 2017 spring semester. That's pretty great! However, the way the basketball staff chose to tell him was a little unorthodox and incredibly terrifying for a naive college kid.

Instead of making the announcement straight up, they had two police officers come into the room and made it sound as they Dakich had done something wrong, telling him that he'd have to report to some office in order to receive disciplinary action from the university. Just listening to the officer speak makes me feel nervous. Thankfully, he reveals it's all just a huge gag at the end, and everyone celebrates.

Check it out:

Who knew head coach John Beilein was such a prankster?