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The Last Minute Of Michigan vs. Michigan State Was Really Bizarre

Jabrill Peppers running down the field against Michigan State.


Michigan vs. Michigan State didn't have quite the crazy finish of last year's epic Spartans win, but it got weird nevertheless.

The Wolverines had control of the game throughout, but Michigan State kept things interesting until the final whistle. With a second left on the clock, Donnie Corley scored on a short touchdown pass from Tyler O'Connor to cut Michigan's lead to 30-23. Obviously, MSU would need a miracle to tie the game, but there was a chance.

...Until Mark Dantonio elected to go for two instead of kicking the extra point for some reason. Perhaps it was out of fear of Michigan's prodigious kick-blocking ability, but he opted for a speed option instead. Michigan was all over the play, the pitch was behind running back Gerald Holmes, and Michigan Heisman contender Jabrill Peppers pounced on the loose ball, taking it 97 yards to the house to extend Michigan's lead to 32-23, effectively killing any chance for another MSU miracle finish.

My favorite part of the play that capped Michigan vs. Michigan State: Peppers never slowed down, despite the fact that no Michigan State player was anywhere near him.

The play capped off a big day for Peppers, who was featured in a College GameDay feature in the morning, and had another big day on both sides of the ball. He ran for 24 yards and a touchdown on offense, and had another big day on defense.

Lamar Jackson probably remains in front of the Heisman race, with Louisville escaping against Virginia earlier today. If anyone can catch him, however, it may be Peppers, who does it all for Michigan every single week.