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Michigan's Brady Hoke: "We're Confident That We Can Win The Big Ten Championship"

Not with that defense.

Michigan has had a peculiar start to the 2013 college football season. The Wolverines are 6-1 on the season, with their only blemish being a road loss to Penn State in quadruple overtime, yet they continue to slide in the polls and get zero respect from the media. One of the reasons for the doubters is Michigan's porous defense, which is 61st in the country and giving up nearly 27 points per game.

Despite all of this, Brady Hoke remains confident that his team is still destined for bigger things. At today's press conference, he restated his team's primary focus:

After all, why shouldn't Hoke be confident? Michigan's games haven't been pretty, but the team has come out on top in all but one. The Wolverines get a week off on a bye before traveling to East Lansing, where they get to take on the current Legends Division leader, Michigan State.