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Michigan's Jay Harbaugh Takes Shot At Schools With Alternate Helmets: "We Already Perfected The Look"

There are some college football fan bases who never want their programs to change their team's helmets - and Michigan is one of them. The Wolverines have a very traditional fan base, which means that alternate uniforms aren't nearly as exciting an idea in Ann Arbor as they are in, say, Eugene, Oregon. Wednesday, assistant coach Jay Harbaugh made sure to convey that he and the coaching staff are on the same page as UM supporters.

Harbaugh posted an Instagram video of Michigan's helmets, denouncing the idea of alternate helmets. The clip features the phrases "Who Needs New Helmets?" and "We Already Perfected The Look." He called Michigan's lids the "most iconic" helmet in football.

Jim Harbaugh and his staff have been killing it on social media since taking over the program. Now they just need to kill it on the field.