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Michigan State Student Trolls Dan Dakich With Michigan Acceptance Letter

A Michigan State student made fun of Dan Dakich for her acceptance letter to Michigan.

A Michigan State student has a response for Dan Dakich.

Last week, ESPN college basketball announcer Dan Dakich got into it with Michigan State supporters on Twitter, at one point poking fun at the school's academics - suggesting that the Spartans faithful "couldn't get into" Michigan. MSU head coach Tom Izzo went off on Dakich in response Tuesday night.

Wednesday, one Michigan State student fired back at Dakich. A woman named Lauren Coughlin, who goes to Michigan State, posted a photo of her acceptance to Michigan back in 2014. As you'd imagine, the tweet is starting to go viral.

Dakich has yet to respond.

The Michigan vs. Michigan State rivalry was already top-notch, but the events of this week have made it even more contentious than usual.