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Nik Stauskas Claims NBA Team Asked Him If He'd Rather Win Rookie Of The Year Or Party With Justin Bieber

It goes without saying that ahead of next week's NBA Draft, teams are still doing their best to determine which players are going to be the hardest workers - not necessarily which have the most talent. Any NBA hopeful can tell you that working out for a team is only part of the process - they'll also want to interview you and ask you some hard-hitting questions. Former Michigan sharp-shooter Nik Stauskas, however, apparently got a meatball today. Check this out:

">@justinbieber for the whole summer LOOOOOOL! #ThingsToThinkAbout

— Nik Stauskas (@NStauskas11)

A team asked me if I'd rather win rookie of the year or tour/party with @justinbieber for the whole summer LOOOOOOL! #ThingsToThinkAbout

— Nik Stauskas (@NStauskas11) June 19, 2014

">June 19, 2014

">June 19, 2014

First off, no player who actually wants an NBA future would choose the Justin Bieber option. Second off, if they're trying to determine if a player has Johnny Manziel-like tendencies (drinking, partying, etc.), they didn't choose the right pop culture icon - nobody really wants to hang out with Bieber anymore. Thankfully, Stauskas gave the right answer.