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Paul Finebaum Blasts Michigan, Says Program Has 'Loser Mentality'

Paul Finebaum explains why Clemson will lose on First Take. He believes Big Ten football teams will compete for the College Football Playoff in 2017.


Paul Finebaum is no stranger to bashing Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan football program. After the Wolverines' Saturday loss at Penn State, the SEC Network personality had some real heat for the embattled coach.

Interestingly, this was probably the most understandable loss that Michigan has had in a while. Penn State is a rock solid Top 10 team, with a similar talent level, and a huge home field advantage in a raucous "White Out" atmosphere.

Michigan struggled early and fell behind 21-0, but battled back and moved the ball well against Penn State late. Ultimately, the Wolverines were a very unfortunate end zone drop from potentially tying things up at 28.

Instead, they went on to lose 28-21 after Penn State picked up a big first down on the ensuing drive to seal the game.

It isn't a ton of solace for Michigan fans desperate for a big win, but this was certainly not the most embarrassing result we've seen from the team in a similar spot. And yet, Finebaum went absolutely in on Harbaugh and the program this morning while on Golic and Wingo, saying the program has developed a "loser's mentality" as exemplified by its reverence for the former Wolverines quarterback-turned-head coach.

From the rant:

“It’s become a loser mentality at Michigan. I’m not necessarily blaming Harbaugh. I don’t even think Harbaugh, sometimes, knows or is cognizant of what’s being said around him because he lives in a different world than the rest of us. "This attachment to Harbaugh is really downright sick. Like, Michigan doesn’t think it can go out and get a better coach. I could pick up the yellow pages of college coaches right now, close my eyes and pick a better coach than Jim Harbaugh.”

With all respect to Finebaum there, that is pretty aggressive. It isn't a stretch to say that Harbaugh has been disappointing at Michigan. That is mostly because the expectations were absolutely sky high when he got that job. He turned Stanford from a struggling Pac-12 program into a league power, something David Shaw maintained for a few years, but has struggled to get back to in recent seasons. He got the San Francisco 49ers to three straight NFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl berth. Even considering how he's fallen short of expectations in Ann Arbor, he's pretty clearly the best coach the program's had since Lloyd Carr. Michigan may ultimately move on from Harbaugh, but it is going to have a tough time flipping through yellow pages and randomly choosing a better coach, if it wants to adopt the Paul Finebaum strategy for success. [

“I could pick up the yellow pages of college coaches right now, close my eyes and pick a better coach than Jim Harbaugh.”

— Golic and Wingo (@GolicAndWingo) October 22, 2019

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