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Photo: Denard Robinson Has Denard Robinson Michigan Action Figures In His Jacksonville Locker

Denard Robinson has been a Jacksonville Jaguar for more than a year, but the electric athlete apparently remains a Michigan Wolverine at heart. 

The former Ann Arbor, Mich. star, who played quarterback for three-plus seasons before turning into a running back the latter part of his senior year, has action figures, portraying his Michigan days, sitting at the top of his locker in Jacksonville. 

">June 11, 2014

Some of Robinson's Jacksonville teammates seem to have a problem with it, or, at least, are giving him a hard time.


"Pretty conceited," said receiver Cecil Shorts, whose locker is about 20 steps away. "If that’s what he wants to portray himself as, feel free." 

Said defensive end Andre Branch: "That’s a bit much." 

Running back Jordan Todman smiled when he saw the action figures and immediately deemed them a fineable offense. 

"It’s called reminiscing," Todman said as he called Toby Gerhart over to Robinson’s locker to see them. "We can’t talk about what we did in the past. We’ve got to move forward." 

Robison, who starred at Michigan, had just 66 rushing yards and 88 return yards during his rookie season, so it's hard to blame him if he wants to reminisce about more successful times.