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Photo: Michigan Fan Gets Fantastic Anti-Ohio State Vanity License Plate

It's always been arguable whether the Auburn vs. Alabama in-state matchup or the Michigan vs. Ohio State Big Ten battle is the most intense game in college football. Just one day after we showed you an amazing 00:01 vanity license plate that pokes fun at the Crimson Tide for last year's Iron Bowl loss, we've got the other side checking in. One Michigan fan named Troy Davis posted a photo of his plate, which essentially reads "I Hate Ohio". He didn't leave much room for debate as to how he feels.

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— Michigan Football (@umichfootball) June 20, 2014

A year ago, Michigan almost ended Ohio State's two-year regular season undefeated streak. If the Wolverines are able to pull off a win in 2014, we know this guy will be absolutely thrilled.