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Photo: Nike Courting Michigan Athletics With "Go Blue" Banner At Company's Headquarters

Will Michigan move on from adidas to Nike after its apparel contract runs up in 2016-17? That seems like a real possibility, especially with these photos from Nike's Beaverton, Oregon headquarters emerging on social media over the weekend:

Nike and adidas are not the only potential suitors for Michigan. UM officials visited with Under Armour earlier this month as well: wrote more on Michigan's current deal, as well as what they can expect from the three apparel giants after that Under Armour visit:

In 2008, Michigan left Nike and signed a multi-year deal with Adidas that turned out to be the most lucrative apparel contract of any school in America. The contract stipulated that any time a new shoe deal with another school topped that of Michigan's pact with Adidas, then Adidas would raise its figure to ensure Michigan was the top-paid program nationally.

Under Armour has proven it can pay big money, too, though, as the supplier reportedly signed Notre Dame to a 10-year, $90 million contract in 2014. Though Notre Dame has never publicly confirmed those figures.

As of 2013-14, Michigan was making $8.2 million per year from Adidas. And if the Notre Dame numbers are true, then Michigan is presumably making even more at this point. The highest-paid contract Nike has with any school is the $4.4 million it pays Florida State.

Which company do you want the Wolverines to align with, Michigan fans?