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Photo: This Michigan Helmet Lawn Mower Is Awesome

Michigan's winged helmet is an iconic look, one that Wolverine fans cherish and keep sacred. 

What better way to celebrate this tradition and show off your fanhood than by customizing a lawn mower with a winged dome?

Environment Lawn, a professional landscaping company in Cincinnati (yes, it's in Ohio), showed off a Michigan helmet lawn mower on Twitter. It's not clear if it is their lawn mower or belongs to one of their customers, but either way it's pretty cool.

">@CoachJim4UM Is this your mower?

— Environment Lawn (@EnvironmentLawn)

@CoachJim4UM Is this your mower?

— Environment Lawn (@EnvironmentLawn) April 11, 2016

">April 11, 2016

How many Michigan fans want one of these?