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Photos: What Michigan Football's Air Jordan Jerseys Could Look Like

Michigan finalized its deal with Nike today. The Wolverines signed their $173 million contract with The Swoosh that will run through at least 2027. 

The most-intriguing part of the contract - something we've already known about - is that Jim Harbaugh's football team will wear Air Jordan jerseys with the Jumpman logo, becoming the first college football team to do so. 

We've yet to see any official designs for Michigan's new football jerseys - odds are, they'll look pretty similar to the adidas ones - but there are some fan-created mockups that are fun to look at. 

">March 31, 2016

">August 14, 2015

We actually weren't correct earlier when we said we'd yet to see any official look at a possible Jordan Michigan jersey. We have, it's just a really grainy, far-away look. 

Here's what appears to be a Michigan football jersey with the Jumpman logo in the Wolverines' locker room (all the way in the back left). 

">March 24, 2016

Michigan's Jumpman logo football jerseys will likely come out sometime this summer. The Wolverines' deal with Nike starts on Aug. 1.