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Refs Call Absolutely Absurd Penalty On Michigan Late Against Northwestern

Michigan phantom call Northwestern

Michigan football is struggling mightily against Northwestern on Saturday afternoon, and it doesn't look like the refs are helping the Wolverines out too much either. One call in the fourth quarter is up there with the worst we've ever seen.

Michigan, trailing 17-13, seemingly had a 20-yard gain and first down on a Shea Patterson keeper early in the fourth quarter. But the refs called a hold on No. 22 - running back Karan Higdon - negating the play.

Replay shows that Higdon couldn't possibly have held anyone. Patterson faked a handoff his way before keeping the ball. Higdon was tackled by a Northwestern opponent.

Here are two angles of the play. The Internet cannot believe the call. Joel Klatt also was going nuts on television about it.

Michigan hasn't played particularly well on Saturday, but the Wolverines were definitely denied a chance at a solid drive by the referees here. We'll see if it matters in the end - it's still 17-13 with just under seven minutes to play.