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Report: Michigan Fan Was Tossed Out Of Game For Assaulting Oregon State Player

At least one Michigan fan got a bit too excited about the program's first win under Jim Harbaugh, and took it out on an Oregon State player last Saturday. MLivereports that a Wolverine fan was tossed from the Big House for "grabbing or slapping" a Beaver player.

According to a school official, a University of Michigan fan was kicked out of the Big House Saturday for an alleged assault against an Oregon State football player.

The man was ejected for "grabbing or slapping" an Oregon State player's helmet as the player was walking in the tunnel near the field, officials said. The player was wearing his helmet at the time.

The man was identified by security and other fans in the section, and was removed from the stadium.

The man was one of six fans removed from the stadium, according to the report. Seeing Michigan dominate a power five opponent has to be thrilling after the last few years, but there's no excuse for attacking an opposing player from the stands.