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Report: Satellite Camp Ruling Could Be Reversed This Week

The issue of satellite camps has dominated the college football off-season talk, with the ACC and SEC facing off against the Big Ten, with Michigan's Jim Harbaugh leading the charge.

Six of the ten FBS conferences originally voted to ban the camps, with the Big Ten coming in as the only power conference supporting them, but with the revelation that representatives from the Pac-12 and Sun Belt voted against the member schools' wishes, the NCAA is looking at the issue once again. 247Sports' Rusty Mansell tweeted that he believes a reversal on the decision could come as early as this week.

">April 26, 2016

It is unclear whether this means the ACC and SEC, which had previously banned the camps, would now allow them, or if things would return to the status quo. Either way, expect to hear plenty more about this issue as we head towards summer.