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South Carolina's Will Muschamp Takes Shot At Michigan

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has really stirred the pot when it comes to satellite football camps and the SEC, sparking constant debate through the early months of 2016. 

So when head coaches of the SEC gathered for spring meetings Tuesday, it should come as no surprise it was once again a hot topic. But it was more than just Nick Saban banging on his podium during a heated rant - South Carolina's Will Muschamp got in on the fun, too. 

So when the topic of Michigan camping in Florida was brought up by media members, Muschamp felt the perfect way to respond was to take a jab at Michigan, the state. 3HL 1045 The Zone and's Chris Vannini were on the scene and share these quotes on Twitter.

">May 31, 2016

">April 4, 2016

Shots fired. This won't be the last we hear on the topic.

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