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Taylor Lewan Says Michigan Got Too Comfortable, Lost Focus After Second Week Of Season In 2013

In 2013, the Michigan football team started the season 5-0 before spiraling out of control, losing six of their final eight contests and falling in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl to Kansas State, ending the year, 7-6. 

Taylor Lewan thinks he knows why that happened. 

">June 10, 2014

“I think our team got a little too comfortable,” said Lewan, now a Tennessee Titans' rookie, on SiriusXM Radio’s “On Campus with Bill King” show. “We all had the same feeling as the rest of the country after the Notre Dame game: We thought we were there. That was an issue. No matter if you’re in college, NFL or high school, you can’t be comfortable at any point in the season, or that’s when things are going to go downhill.”

Michigan defeated Notre Dame, 41-30, on Sept. 7. It was a nationally televised night game, a big victory for the Wolverines. Some of the players apparently let it get to their heads, though, thinking they had accomplished something two weeks into the season. 

The team was young, especially on the offensive line. Lewan, an All-American offensive tackle, received some of the blame. 

“Every week was a new transition trying to figure out guys’ weaknesses and strengths and change my game to help them out during the game, and you never knew who was going to be my guard the next week, based on how the season was going,” Lewan said said. “I don’t think it was so much physical. Coaches wouldn’t put a guy in a game if he wasn’t physical enough. Sometimes it’s just mental. It’s tough. It’s a big jump from high school to college, like college to the NFL, so it’s hard for guys to grasp that. But as soon as they do, a lot of those guys will do special things.”

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