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Two Michigan Fans Got Married After Meeting Via ESPN Comment Section

It is a love story as old as time. Bleu_girl_04 and AAWolv talk in the ESPN Big Ten blog comment sections, meet in real life, fall in love, and get married during a Wolverines bye week. Well, maybe not that old, actually, and unlikely to be repeated after ESPN shifted its comments to a Facebook login system, but the story of Kate Queram and Brandon Wagoner is very real. The two UM fans were married over the weekend, and reached out to ESPN to tell their story:

">October 29, 2015

They're not the first couple brought together by college football. But their love story is unlike any other. When Rihanna belts out, We found love in a hopeless place, she's singing about Kate and Brandon. When they first crossed paths in 2012, they weren't Kate and Brandon to each other. They were bleu_girl_04 and AAWolv, regulars in the comment section of ESPN's Big Ten blog.

For those who forget, the blog's pre-Facebook comments section allowed users to post anonymously, identified only by handles of their choosing. Like most online forums, it was humanity's digital septic tank, a playground for the obnoxious, the juvenile and the fakest of tough guys (and, rarely, gals). Insults flew like paper airplanes in detention. If commenters weren't putting down rival schools, they were trolling one another. Intelligent football discussions would occasionally initiate, but most threads turned ugly in a hurry.

The thought that true love could sprout from this crass corner of the Internet seemed implausible, like Michigan hiring Jim Harbaugh. We were shocked at Kate's story when she told us back in April, much like most of the blog regulars who assumed she was simply catfishing Brandon. But Kate and Brandon are not only both real, after spending time with them during their wedding weekend, we can report that they seem quite normal.

The full story is told via a comment section style-oral history,appropriately enough, and involves Twitter hero FauxPelini, the Manti Te'o/Lennay Kekua story, and bonding over the Brady Hoke era. It is definitely worth a read. Congratulations to the happy couple.