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Video: Michigan Musical Theater Grads Sang An Amazing Version Of "The Victors" During A Graduation Party

Michiganmusical theatre grads gather to sing a song.

Michigan The Victors

Michigan's "The Victors" is one of the most recognizable fight songs in college football, but we're not sure if it's ever been performed quite like this. This video emerged over the weekend, and it features 22 Michigan musical theatre grads doing their own rendition of "The Victors" at a graduation party. 

The footage was posted by Scott Orr yesterday. This version of the song is very different, and pretty impressive. 

Listen to this! What happens when 22 talented UMich musical theatre grads sing their version of the University of Michigan fight song at their graduation party. Awesome!

Posted by Scott Orr on Sunday, May 3, 2015