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Video: Michigan's Jim Harbaugh Appeared On "The Rich Eisen Show" Today

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh made an appearance on "The Rich Eisen Show" today. As usual, he was entertaining. 

Speaking with Eisen, a Michigan alum, Harbaugh was asked about the complaints coming from the SEC and ACC because of Michigan's decision to hold a portion of spring practice in Florida. He gave a typically playful response, saying that he doesn't see what the big deal is. 

"In my America, you're allowed to cross state borders and travel the great United States. 

"How does the Florida chamber of commerce feel about vacation and tourism? I think they promote it as a matter of fact."


"When did the sanctity of spring break become such a hallowed experience? When did that take place? That's more important than Christmas or Hanukkah or Easter or Thanksgiving or a lot of other holidays that I could think of? When did the hallowed sanctity of spring break occur, that that's a must?"

"I mean, spring break, that's, like, drinking and -- it seems very unhealthy. My memories of it and what has transpired to the present day. It does not seem like something you can't afford to miss. I think we can all afford to miss that."

Harbaugh also mentioned that ex-Florida and South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier would be at Michigan's coaching clinic this weekend and touched briefly on Michigan's QB battle, among other things.

The full video of his segment can be found below. 

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