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Video: Plane Crash Survivor And Michigan Guard Austin Hatch Scores For The First Time In An Exhibition

Austin Hatch has one of the most amazing stories in all of college basketball. Hatch has survived two different plane crashes, one when he was eight and one when he was 16. His mother and two siblings passed away in the first accident, while his father and stepmother were killed in the second one, which also left him in a coma.

Hatch persevered, and this year, he joined Michigan's basketball team. On Monday night during the Wolverines' exhibition against Wayne State, Hatch scored his first collegiate point on a made free throw, which led to a standing ovation from the crowd at the Crisler Center. Check it out:

We'll see if Hatch can score his first point in an official game when Michigan's season tips off on Nov. 15 against Hillsdale College.