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Video Shows What Florida's Players Were Doing Before The Harbaugh-Mullen Handshake

Florida players dancing in front of Jim Harbaugh.

Florida knocked off Michigan in the Peach Bowl on Saturday, and after the game, there was a bit of controversy. Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh appeared to somewhat snub Gators coach Dan Mullen at midfield for the post-game handshake.

A closer inspection shows why Harbaugh could potentially have been annoyed. Three Florida players are dancing on the way to midfield. Mullen even has to pull one back to he can get to Harbaugh.

It's unclear if the three players were purposely dancing towards Harbaugh. They may have just been excited by a nice bowl game win.

Here's video. It might explain Harbaugh's frustration.

Regardless, Harbaugh is getting a lot of criticism on Saturday. The Wolverines, in the midst of a promising season, crumbled down the stretch, getting blown out by Ohio State and Florida.

Harbaugh is expected to stay at Michigan, despite the annual NFL chatter. The New York Jets are reportedly interested in his services.

It'll be interesting to see if Harbaugh addresses the handshake.