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Video: This Might Be The Worst Rendition Of Michigan's Fight Song We've Ever Heard

Michigan Fight Song is performed.

Michigan Fight Song

Here are the places where it's appropriate to sing your school's fight song:

  • In a stadium/arena/etc. where your college team is playing. 
  • In a bar where you're watching your college team play. 
  • At a graduation/school ceremony/etc. 
  • At a house party/tailgate/etc. 

These places all have something in common: you're going to be surrounded by other people singing the fight song, so your (most likely) horrible singing voice will be drowned out by others. 

Here's a place where it is not appropriate to sing your school's fight song:

    • At the College Football Hall of Fame, by yourself. 

    ">June 24, 2015

    We respect your passion for your beloved Michigan Wolverines, College Football Hall of Fame man, but that might be the worst rendition of The Victors we've ever heard.