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What Jim Harbaugh Said Was Terrible About Purdue's Facilities

Jim Harbaugh answers questions after the Ohio State loss.


Michigan's head coach went off on Purdue's facilities during his press conference today.

Jim Harbaugh ranted about Purdue's facilities during his press conference this afternoon.

Michigan's head coach said the conditions in the Boilermakers' visitors' locker room was "unsportsmanlike."

Here's what he said, from the Detroit News:

"It seems to be a conscious effort of gamesmanship, to get an advantage over the opponent," Harbaugh said. "I wish I would have taken a picture of the actual table that is given to the visitor's to put the players on who are injured. It looks like it is from the '20s. It is ripped. It's just not good."

He added, "I'm not putting this on Purdue. This needs to be addressed league-wide. This needs to be addressed by the commissioner and we're going to lead the way."

Purdue's locker room also had no air conditioning and temperatures approached 90 degrees, forcing the Wolverines to put their starters on the bus before kickoff. Harbaugh called the locker room "unsanitary" and said it also lacked x-ray machines, which were needed when Wilton Speight suffered an injury.

The Boilermakers and the Big 10 will likely address this soon.