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What Michigan's Jim Harbaugh Does When He's Sleeping Over At A Recruit's House

If you're a high school football recruit who's going to have a sleepover with Jim Harbaugh, here's what you can expect to happen: 

  • The Michigan coach will arrive after midnight, as per NCAA rules. 
  • He's going to want to drink some milk, as much as a gallon, before he goes to bed; two-percent milk, preferably.
  • He will wear pajamas/Michigan gray-colored sweats to sleep in.
  • He'll wake up early the next morning and go with you wherever you need to be. 
  • Later in the day, he'd like to play some sports. He's apt at shooting baskets

How do we know this? Connor Murphy, a four-star defensive end in the 2016 class, recently had a sleepover with Harbaugh. He revealed what happened to Brad Cesmat of Football AZ

Here's some of what he said, for those who can't watch the video:

"He got to my house almost at 1 a.m. last night. We ate banana bread, drank some ice-cold milk - that's his favorite, he loves his two-percent milk, so we made sure to give him a whole gallon full of that - and then we chatted up probably for about another hour, probably until about 1:30 a.m. By that point, we just hit the hay." 

"(That) morning, he drove with me in my truck to school. That was a lot of fun. All the kids in my school, they were all outside with their Michigan sweatshirts on and all that. It was fun. It was a blast for sure." 

"We actually didn't watch Netflix. That was just for the picture." 

"Yes, yes he did (wear pajamas)." 

"I think it really does (make a difference)...for Coach Harbaugh to come out here and do all does mean a lot to me." 

Murphy, the No. 18 strong-side defensive end in the country, is also considering Oregon, USC, Arizona State and Stanford. He's expected to visit Michigan this weekend.