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Former Nebraska RB Ameer Abdullah Calls Out Cornhuskers Fans For Treatment Of Michael Rose-Ivey

Former Nebraska running back Ameer Abdullah isn't happy with how Cornhuskers fans are treating Michael Rose-Ivey.

Monday, it was revealed by Nebraska linebacker Michael Rose-Ivey that after he and two of his teammates knelt for the national anthem ahead of their game on Saturday, he received threats and racial backlash - including suggestions that he be "lynched." Rose-Ivey released a statement on the matter and made comments to reporters on the situation.

Former Nebraska running back Ameer Abdullah is not thrilled with his alma mater's fan base, to put it lightly. Abdullah took to Twitter Monday afternoon to say that he's "completely ashamed" of Nebraska fans. He said he backs Rose-Ivey.

Regardless of your political views, it's obviously unfortunate to see threats hurled at players - especially ones in college. Expect Rose-Ivey to continue his protest when Nebraska next takes the field.