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Parents From 11 Big Ten Football Programs Release New Open Letter To Kevin Warren

Big Ten football program Nebraska football's game day balloon release.

LINCOLN, NE - AUGUST 31: Nebraska fans release red balloons after the Nebraska Cornhuskers score their first points of the game against the Wyoming Cowboys at Memorial Stadium on August 31, 2013 in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)

Many parents of Big Ten football players have made thing very clear in recent days: they and their kids want to play this season. There has been a ton of pressure on commissioner Kevin Warren, who has taken the brunt of the criticism stemming from the Big Ten's decision to cancel the fall season.

Nebraska has been on the frontline of this push. The Huskers were among the first programs to publicly explore playing outside of the Big Ten this fall. They quickly walked that idea back, but along with Ohio State, Iowa, Penn State, and other football-thirsty programs, players and parents are demanding answers from Big Ten leadership.

So far, the Big Ten is one of two Power Five leagues to cancel play for the fall, saying that they will try and play in the spring semester if it is feasible. The Pac-12 joined them shortly thereafter, while the MAC, Mountain West, and a few independent and other Group of Five schools have done the same. Even so, the Big Ten has faced by far the most public pressure, due to uncertainty and serious mixed messaging about the process that led to the decision.

This morning, a group of Nebraska football parents sent an open letter to Warren and Big Ten leadership. They say it is made in conjunction with parent groups from 10 of the other Big Ten programs, of the 14 member schools in total. In it, they call for transparency, a forum in which parent organizations can give their input on decisions like this, and a "plan of action" for a return to competition this year.

"We are extremely disappointed in your August 19, 2020 correspondence in response to widespread requests for an explanation," the letter to Kevin Warren states. "Candidly, at this point, the parent organizations have a total lack of confidence in your ability to lead and communicate effectively with all key stakeholders." Among the details in the portion of the letter about transparency, the parents demand "all documents, video recordings, communications, minutes of meetings related to the decision to cancel the fall sports season." That is a big sticking point, as made clear by lawyer Tom Mars, who has a reputation for taking on cases involving college football, filing a FOIA request to get those documents from member schools. Each day that passes, it becomes less likely that the league will be able to snap its fingers and reverse course for the fall. Still, the Big Ten football parents are doing what they feel is necessary to hold Warren and the other powers that be responsible, and get the most out of a 2020-21 football season, in whatever form that takes. [

We have been in contact with 11 of the 14 parent groups representing BIG 10 football teams. WE ARE UNITED, & our message has been fully aligned. This letter to the @bigten, Presidents/Chancellors, & @KevinFWarren represents the simple requests from

— Nebraska Cornhusker Football Parents (@ParentsNebraska) August 26, 2020

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