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Bo Pelini Apologizes For Profane Tirade Against Fans In 2011

Is sorry enough?

Today was not a good day for Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini. First, he was called out by legend Tommie Frazier, and naturally, he decided to fire back, stating "we don't need him."

Then, his afternoon got even worse when Deadspin released audio of a tirade that occurred in 2011 after a Nebraska win over Ohio State. Pelini was frustrated with fans, and when he thought he wasn't being recorded, he had some choice words:

"It took everything in my power to not say, 'F*** you, fans. F*** all of you.' F*** 'em."

Tonight, Pelini issued an apology for the explosion:

There's really nothing Pelini could do but apologize at this point, but it is good to see him address the comments. Plus, it's definitely not the first time a football coach has been mad at his team's fans.