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Bo Pelini Appears On Bill King Show, "Has An Idea" Who Leaked Audio Tape, Wants Investigation

He's coming for you.

Bo Pelini has been under fire this week since Deadspin's release of a 2011 audio tape that features the Nebraska coach unleashing a profanity-laced tirade against the Cornhuskers' fans, in which he proclaims "F*** you fans. F*** all of you."

It was unclear why this video was suddenly leaked, but Deadspin's informant provided the following explanation:

I don't hate him as a person or anything. In any case, I dont' want to get into that. As I said before, I believe "it's only fair that the fanbase of Nebraska know what Pelini thinks about them."

Pelini immediately apologized to fans in a presser, but today he appeared on the Bill King Show to elaborate a little more on the fiasco -- he had some very interesting things to say:

"It was an unfortunate situation that came up, as far as somebody who obviously, deliberately tried to attack me personally, by posting something from two years ago that was said in a private room between myself and two other people in an extremely emotional time.


You say things that you don't necessarily mean. That's why we as human beings often need time to regroup. Somebody chose to record it, and hold on to it, until, to attack me at some point. And that's what happened this week, it's unfortunate, and it's been a difficult couple of days."

What was particularly interesting was the fact that Bo Pelini thinks he may know who is behind the leak -- the university is currently looking in to it. Bill King asked if it was important to Bo that they find the person responsible:

"I think we're a lot closer to that, if it hasn't been completely determined already. I have an idea."

It will be interesting to see how this is handled moving forward -- I think both Pelini and Nebraska would really just like to put the situation behind them. As for football, Pelini said he is confident in his future at Nebraska and it is now "business as usual."