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Bo Pelini Responds To Rant, Says "We Don't Need" Tommie Frazier

This won't end well.

Update: This afternoon, Tommie Frazier responded to Pelini's comments.

Earlier: Following Saturday's 41-21 loss to UCLA, it seems that Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini is scrambling for answers on how to fix his team after his Cornhuskers gave up 38 unanswered points to the Bruins. In the process, he called out Husker legend Tommie Frazier, who had some harsh words for the defense after the game on Saturday. 

It's important to know that Frazier was honored this weekend at the game and is still a highly regarded figure in Lincoln. There has been speculation that Bo Pelini is on the hot seat - if anything, this quote may add more fuel to the fire.