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Bo Pelini Thinks He'd Be Kicked Out Of "Every Game" If He "Acted Like College Basketball Coaches"

Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini is one of the most colorful personalities in all of college football. It's not unusual to see Pelini -- who sometimes has a pretty short temper -- yelling at players, coaches or officials from the sidelines during a game. While it can be a bit much, Pelini doesn't think he's as bad as college basketball coaches. In his mind, if Pelini acted like college basketball coaches, he'd get kicked out of games all the time.

">July 29, 2014

Pelini didn't mention what exactly college basketball coaches do that is so out of line, and he didn't mention anyone specifically. While we hope Pelini remains an active guy on the sidelines, we really don't want to see him pull a Bobby Knight and throw a chair onto the field any time soon.