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Former Nebraska RB Lawrence Phillips Is Under Investigation For Allegedly Murdering His Cellmate

Former Nebraska star running back Lawrence Phillips has been in legal trouble dating back to his days as a Cornhusker. He began serving a 31-year prison sentence in 2008 for driving his car into a group of teenagers and assaulting his girlfriend. 

Phillips may not ever be leaving prison if he's found guilty of his latest alleged crime. According to

BREAKING: Lawrence Phillips (yes, the Nebraska running back), is under investigation for murdering his cellmate at Kern Valley State Prison

— Jason Galvin (@JGalvinKGET) April 13, 2015

" target="_blank">Jason Galvin of KGET News in California, Phillips is being investigated for the murder of his prison cellmate.

">April 13, 2015

">April 13, 2015

An immensely talented running back, Phillips' story has gotten progressively sadder over the last two decades. If he is guilty of this, it's almost impossible to fall lower.