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Greg McElroy Debates If Nebraska Is Better Job Than Arizona State

Greg McElroy speaks with reporters at an event.

DALLAS, TX - JANUARY 10: Former American football quarterback Greg McElroy attends the ESPN College Football Playoffs Night of Champions at Centennial Hall on January 10, 2015 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for ESPN)

Over the past two weeks, Arizona State and Nebraska have moved on from their head coaches. The days of Herm Edwards and Scott Frost leading those two programs are over. 

On the latest episode of Always College Football, Greg McElroy discussed the job openings at Arizona State and Nebraska. He also revealed which job is more appealing at the moment. 

McElroy thinks Arizona State has all the resources to be a premier program. However, he'd give the edge to Nebraska. 

"Everything, initially, would kind of lead me to believe Arizona State is the better job," McElroy said. "Why? Access to talent, simple as that. If you look at the amount of four-star and five-star players coming out of schools in Arizona or states that border Arizona, you’re going to have a lot more quality players in that radius than you are a 5-hour radius from Nebraska. 

"That's what I would say. However, things have changed, I think. NIL has changed things drastically. We know Nebraska is going to be insanely supportive of NIL. We also know the Big Ten has a new media rights deal. Right now, Arizona State is kind of up in the air. Are they going to be in the Big Ten or they going to the Big 12? I don't know that for certain. Right now, I actually think Nebraska is a better job, which is something I would not have said prior to the past two years."

The Pac-12 doesn't have a clear future right now. If Arizona State moved to a different conference, perhaps that would change McElroy's opinion on this topic. 

As for Nebraska, the program should feel pretty safe residing in the Big Ten. Make no mistake though, it needs to find the right coach to avoid being a bottom feeder in the conference.