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Keyshawn Johnson On Son's Leave Of Absence From Huskers: "You Will Not Embarrass Nebraska"

Keyshawn Johnson Jr. is on a "leave of absence" from Nebraska, and his father agrees with the move.

Johnson Jr. has reportedly left the school, after being cited for marijuana possession.

The former three-star recruit had enrolled at the school in January. He is now back in California with Johnson Sr.

His three-time Pro Bowl father agrees with the move, and had some pretty stern words about his son's conduct after last night's reports emerged.

From the Omaha World-Herald:

Johnson Sr. said he’s in “full support” of Riley, receivers coach Keith Williams and the rest of NU’s staff. He wants to see more maturity from his son.

“One thing you will not do as my son is you will not embarrass Nebraska, you will not embarrass Mike Riley and you will not embarrass this family,” the elder Johnson said. “If you mature and you’re ready to resume your football career and academic goals, then Nebraska will be ready to embrace you.”

It sounds like the door remains open for Johnson Jr. to rejoin the team, but based on what Johnson Sr. has said, he has some serious work to do first.

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