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Video: Larry The Cable Guy Breaks A Fan's Arm While Arm Wrestling At Nebraska Game

Big Ten football program Nebraska football's game day balloon release.

LINCOLN, NE - AUGUST 31: Nebraska fans release red balloons after the Nebraska Cornhuskers score their first points of the game against the Wyoming Cowboys at Memorial Stadium on August 31, 2013 in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)

Larry The Cable Guy is a huge Nebraska fan who seems pretty approachable for those at Memorial Stadium on a Saturday. Just don't challenge him to arm wrestle.

During last weekend's win over Illinois, an army veteran named John was in the same Nebraska luxury suite as the famous comedian. He eventually challenged Larry to arm wrestle, and that turned out to be a pretty poor decision overall. From TMZ:

The video is intense to say the least -- and it went down at the University of Nebraska football game last Saturday in Lincoln. Larry, a huge Huskers fan, and the guy -- an army vet named John -- were in a luxury suite, and we're told John challenged the comedian.

Just watch, it's a very close competition. Until it isn't ... and John's arm breaks.

TMZ posted video of the arm wrestling match. About 40 seconds in, what was a stalemate became Larry breaking the veteran's arm. The video, and the sound of the break, is pretty gruesome.

Watch at your own risk:

TMZ reports that John went into surgery, and had a plate put into his arm after the nasty break.

Be forewarned. If you want to arm wrestle Larry the Cable Guy, things could get pretty ugly.